Certified Trader Course

Duration : 3 months

Fee : Rs.35000+taxes

Methodology : Online, Classroom and Blended(online+classroom) mode

Start Date : Every first and Third week of the month.

Weekend /Weekday option available

Location : Noida


Module 1: Investments Basics

  1. What Is Investment?
  2. Inflation Protection Assets
  3. What are Different Assets classes?

Module 2: capital market & its operation

  1. Basic knowledge of capital market (Primary Market & secondary Market)
  2. Major Market Participants
  3. Major exchanges and indices
  4. Legal Framework and regulations
  5. Trading and Trading Membership
  6. Clearing and Settlement Process
  7. Free Float & Total Market Capitalization
  8. Who are Brokers and Sub Brokers?
  9. How to select a broker?
  10. How a broker does works?
  11. Different Corporate Actions and how it affects the stock price
  12. Calculating Brokerage
  13. Quantity Freeze
  14. Circuit Breakers
  15. Order Types and Condition
  16. By Time and By Price Priority
  17. Transaction Cycle
  18. Practical training of market operations on live trading platforms

Module 3: Commodity Market

  1. Understanding Commodity Market
  2. Live Trading in Commodities- MCX and NCDEX
  3. International commodity Vs Domestic Commodity
  4. Different Segments of Commodity Market
  5. Economic data releases & Commodity impact
  6. USD & Commodity Relationship
  7. Economic and Political Causes and its effects
  8. Practical training of market operations on live trading platforms

Module 4: Currency Market

  1. Currency Derivative and its History
  2. Forward, Future and Options of currency derivative
  3. Trading, clearing, settlement & Risk Management of currency futures
  4. Different Strategy Use for Currency Derivative Trading
  5. Practical training of market operations on live trading