Technical Analysis

Methodology: Online, Classroom & Blended
(Online + Classroom) Mode
Start Date: Every First And Third Week Of Month
Weekend / Weekday Option Available

Course Name: Technical Analysis

Fees: RS. 15000 + Taxes

Duration: 1.5 months

Course Content

Technical Analysis Course

  • What is technical analysis?
  • Basics of technical analysis
  • Difference between technical vs. fundamental analysis
  • Assumptions of Technical Analysis
  • Advantages of Technical Analysis
  • Limitations of Technical Analysis
  • Dow Theory
  • Principles of Dow Theory and its applicability
  • Line chart
  • Bar chart
  • Candlestick chart
  • Heikin-Ashi Chart
  • Kagi chart
  • Point & Figure chart
  • Understand What are Trends?
  • Four stages: Accumulation, Markup, Distribution and Panic liquidation
  • Conditions to Take Entry and Exit in Uptrend
  • Conditions to Take Entry and Exit in Downtrend
  • How to plot trend lines?
  • Creating Buy and Sell positions using Trendlines
  • Breakout of Trendlines
  • What is Support?
  • What is Resistance?
  • Role Reversal- Support to resistance and vice versa
  • Charts patterns and their study
  • Four stages: Accumulation, Markup, Distribution and Panic liquidation
  • Doji
  • Hammer / Hanging Man
  • Inverted Hammer / Shooting Star
  • Spinning Top
  • Marubozu
  • Bullish /Bearish Engulf
  • Bullish /Bearish Harami
  • Piercing pattern /Dark cloud cover
  • Tweezer Top & Bottom
  • Morning star /Evening star
  • Three white shoulders / Three black crows
  • Abandoned body (Bullish & Bearish)
  • Tasuki Gap (Bullish & Bearish)
  • Rising three methods & falling three methods
  • Head & Shoulder
  • Inverted Head & Shoulder
  • Double top/bottom
  • Flag & Pennant
  • Symmetrical, Ascending, Descending Triangles
  • Wedge Patterns
  • Rounding top/bottom
  • Cup & Handle
  • Rectangles Bullish / Bearish
  • Triple top/bottom
  • Enter and Exit Levels using these chart patterns
  • Common gap
  • Breakaway gap
  • Runaway gap
  • Exhaustion gap
  • Island cluster
  • What does a technical indicator offer?
  • Why use indicators?
  • Types of indicators
    • Leading indicator
    • Lagging indicator
  • Simple moving average
  • Exponential moving average
  • How to trade on moving averages
  • What is the MACD and how is it calculated?
  • How to trade on MACD
  • What is momentum?
  • Calculation of the RSI
  • How to trade RSI Divergence
  • How to trade on RSI
  • Overview
  • Calculation of On Balance Volume
  • How to trade on On Balance Volume
  • Overview
  • Construction
  • How to trade on stochastic
  • How to trade Stochastic Divergence
  • Introduction to Money flow index (MFI)
  • How to use MFI
  • Introduction to Average True Range (ATR)
  • How to use ATR for finding volatility
  • Introduction to Average DirectionalMovement (ADX)
  • Calculation of ADX Indicator
  • How to use ADX Indicator to avoid false market breakout
  • Introduction to Bollinger Band
  • How to use Bollinger Band
  • Introduction to Parabolic Saar
  • How to use parabolic Saar for trailing stop loss
  • Overview
  • Signals
  • How to trade on William %R
  • How it is similar to stochastic indicator
  • Introduction to Elliot wave theory
  • Elliot Wave Rules
  • How to use Elliot Waves in trading
  • Introduction to Volume Analysis
  • Use of Volume as confirmation signal for Bullish and Bearish trends
  • Interpretation of Volume Candle
  • Open Interest analysis
  • Fibonacci sequence
  • How to trade on Fibonacci retracement?
  • How to trade on the Fibonacci extension?
  • Learn to control emotions while trading
  • Develop Trading Mindset
  • Avoid Common Mistakes Traders Do
  • Learn to Utilize your Capital with proper Risk Management Strategies
  • Risk management and Money management
  • Day/Intraday Trading setup
  • Swing/Positional Trading setup
  • Time-Period Analysis

Why This Course Will Help

Learn the following concepts:

  • Price action strategy.
  • Trading Strategies for different time period.
  • Learn to utilize your Capital with proper Risk Management Strategies.
  • Learn to control emotions while trading.
  • Live trading classes during market hours.
  • Practical exposure. Trading with real money.
  • Learn from the industry-oriented trainers cum traders.
  • Hands hold support during and after the course.

Who Can Take This Course

Students pursuing or completed 10th, 12th, graduation or higher studies, Housewives, Working Professionals, Aspiring/Existing Traders, Aspiring/Existing Investors, Job seekers, Entrepreneurs.

What You Will Get

  • Live interactive sessions.
  • Live trading classes during market hours.
  • Learn from the industry-oriented trainers cum traders.
  • Students will get the exposure of the in-house trader’s community.
  • Facility of free back-up classes.
  • Trading platform tour of different brokers.

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Learning the Technical Analysis course was a great experience with InvestoLearn. With each session, I felt like going into more and more details to understand things better. Teachers are very supportive and they guide you through it in a fun manner!

Akshay Mehta

Technical Analysis Course

I was trading in the market for past few months. It was a no profit no loss situation for me so I thought to take a proper course and learn the right strategies which works in the market. It was amazing journey with Investolearnacademy and I can say that now I have started taking more profitable trades than earlier.

Arti Sharma

Technical Analysis Course

I am an experienced trader in the market and had the basic understanding of the technical analysis but still it wasn’t working with me and decided to take this course. I learned the strategies with proper risk management techniques through this course.

Mahesh Gupta

Technical Analysis Course

I entered in the market few months back and initially I earned profit but slowly and slowly i understood that to predict the market direction is not easy and hence i enroll for this course to get an edge on the market direction and now I am successfully trading in the market.

Ajay Singh

Technical Analysis Course

• During my engineering days, stock market excites me a lot so I started putting money in the market and earned profit too. My entry into a trade was perfect but I was unable to take the correct exit. At Investolearnacademy, I overcome this issue and it was great experience here.

Sakshi Mann

Technical Analysis Course