Forex Analysis Course

Duration : 1.5 months

Fee : Rs.15000+taxes

Methodology : Online, Classroom and Blended(online+classroom) mode

Start Date : Every first and Third week of the month.

Weekend /Weekday option available

Location : Noida

Module 1: Introduction to Forex Market

  1. Basics of Forex-Indian and International pairs.
  2. Participants in Forex trading
  3. How is Forex regulated?
  4. What influences the Forex prices?
  5. What currencies can I trade?
    • Major Pairs
    • Minor or Cross Pairs
  6. What is a PIP and its calculation?
  7. Pip Value Calculation for a USD and Non-USD Account.
  8. What is a Lot Size and per lot value?
  9. What is Leverage and how it works?
  10. Live tour of MT4 platform.
  11. Live trading on MT4 platform.
  12. Account opening Support.